Hey, I'm Jen. I’m a radio producer, writer, and kayak guide. I like stories that live on the nervy boundaries between the individual and the collective, the personal and the political, the built and the natural.

I think a lot about this quote: “Use and value the edges and the marginal.” In nature, edge ecosystems are the most diverse. Tide pools, riverbanks, the shady fringe between forest and prairie — evolution begins here, where organisms have adapted to fluctuation and change. I like to walk these hazy borders. I’m interested in the nesting dolls of obligation that encase and connect us: the family, the clan, the tribe; the city, the state, the planet. Some days, I'm the faded mural on a North Philadelphia rowhome that reads, “Working together we can save our community.” Other days, I'm the scrawl of graffiti beneath it: “Who cares???”

I pursue stories that beg the question: What do we owe one another? Who owns our sidewalks, our water systems, our right to clean air? If the answer is we own them in common, who are we?

I'm a recent graduate in radio documentary at the Salt Institute, and have over five years of experience in print and photo journalism. My work has appeared at Here and NowWHYYNext City, PlanPhilly, Philadelphia MagazineHigh Country News, Roads and Kingdoms, the Anchorage Press, and Spoke Magazine, among others. I live in Philadelphia, where I also lead bike and kayak tours of the Schuylkill River.


Dorothea Lange - Paul Taylor Prize, the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
Project Grant, the Alaska Humanities Forum


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Third Wave Urbanism
American Photo Mag
It's Nice That
Duke Chronicle


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