Bike and Kayak Guiding

I helped develop the Hidden River Sunset Tour for Philly Bike Tour Co., which takes cyclists on an 8.5-mile loop along the banks of the Schuylkill River. We talk about public art, public works, the development of Philadelphia, and much more.

I also guide kayak tours on the Schuykill for Hidden River Outfitters, both in Center City and Manayunk. I've previously guided week-long kayak trips for Girl Scouts in Washington State's San Juan Islands, and day-long kayak trips to see glaciers in Whittier, Alaska. 

In summer 2017, reflecting on the similarities between reporting and guiding, I organized a "meta-tour" of the Schuylkill. I invited educators, organizers, and artists to join me on a ride to talk about how guiding can be used to challenge conventional narratives about the city, power, and public space. 

extraJen Kinney